Holy Name of Jesus School, New Orleans, Louisiana

School Life and Events

Acronyms and terms heard around Holy Name of Jesus School ...

PTC – Parent-Teacher Club

PAG – Parents Annual Giving.  A voluntary, tax-deductible donation to the school that makes up the difference between the tuition and how much it costs to education a student, aka the "GAP"

BBQ - Annual Back-to-School Barbeque

Gator Fest – A three-day event at school with bands, rides, and games, aka the Fair

The Basement – The room where the K–7th grades eat lunch, aka the cafeteria or the lunchroom

The Lobby – The large room outside of the office

The Swamp – The bookstore located off the basement

Middle School – Grades 5–7

Lower School – Grades 2-4

Early Childhood – Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K), Kindergarten (K), and 1st Grade

The Big Yard – The biggest yard used by lower school for recess, aka the teacher’s parking lot.

The Little Yard – The medium-sized yard on Cromwell Place and Calhoun Street, used primarily by 1st grade and Kindergarten

The Pre-K and K Yard – The small yard on Cromwell used by Pre-K and Kindergarten, closest to Loyola University

Later Gators – Holy Name’s after-school program

The Parish Center – The building across Calhoun Street from school on LaSalle Place;  this is where the parish priests live and work.  It is also houses the offices for the parish, with meeting rooms, aka the Rectory

Kid Mail – Sending something to school in your child’s folder to the office, a teacher or another child at school.

The Gator Gazette – A monthly newsletter about the goings on at HNJ sent via e-mail, aka The Gazette